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Genuine SKINS & HIDES Handmade by MJ
Only premium quality leather and fur. Luxury customization and tailoring.

The largest collection of classic and exotic hides in the world from MJ. For the production of exclusive leather goods and unique customization of various products, MJ Art Studio has collected more than 5,000 species and colors of genuine leather and fur. Natural skins of a crocodile, alligator, caiman, gavial, monitor lizard, iguana, ostrich, kangaroo, python, karung, sea snake, anaconda, boa constrictor, viper, lizard, Indian cobra, king cobra, fish, shark, whale, sturgeon, trout, salmon , pike, common carp, conger eel, moray eel, frog, pangolin, monitor lizard, teigus lizard, wild pig, picari, chicken, sheep, buffalo, calf, deer, elephant, hippo, hippo, rhino, capybara, cayman yakar jakar, latirostris, babillas, overo, Nile crocodile, Siamese crocodile, crocodile porusus, coral asp, taipan, black mamba, krauta, water moths, texas rattlesnake, gyurza, pyraruku, kite, deadly snake Norwegian tomiformes, , pony, fox, wolf, llama, arctic fox, leopard, cheetah, bear, panther, ocelot, lion, silver fox, beaver, skunk, astrakhan, rabbit, rex, zebra, sea lion, seal, wild boar, wolverine, orylag, sable and other unique species. Any kind of leather dressing - haberdashery leather, clothing leather, interior leather, perforated leather, sanded leather, polished leather, unpainted leather ... As well as classic genuine leather and luxury materials for yachts, expensive cars and vip accessories - Alcantara, Nappa, Monza , dynamics, aquamarine and others. Exotic skins are certified by international organizations US WildLife & CITES.

Any colors and subspecies of the skin of crocodiles, caimans, alligators, gavials and others.
In individual orders dressing, painting and tailoring of any crocodile leather and other exotic items. - Genuine Reptile Leather - Hides of Crocodile, Alligator, Caiman, Gavial etc.

Genuine leather of alligators and other exotic of any kind of dressing.
Lacquered, matte, glossy, glazed, semi-gloss, metallic, millennium, dual tone, bicolor and any other types of dressing. - Genuine Reptile Alligator Hides Luxury Finish by MJ

Crocodile skin of all colors and types of dressing. The largest palette of exotic leather colors in the world!
Individual painting of the skin of a crocodile, alligator, caiman, monitor lizard, iguana, python, stingray, shark, ostrich and other species.

Any kind of snake skin. Premium quality snake skin.
Skins of cobra, python, anaconda, karung, viper and other species.
Snake Hides - Genuine Leather of Snakes. Custom order luxury products made of leather snakes -,, etc.

Genuine leather sea snake. Any colors. Bleached skin and skin with a natural snake pattern.
Sea Snake Hides - Genuine Sea Snake Leather by MJ -

Genuine stingray leather handmade. In the presence of any kind of slopes in any kind of dressing.
Polished stingray, polished stingray, caviar stingray, untreated crust stingray and other types of dressing.
Genuine Hides of Ray - Long Shape, Round Shape, Row Stone - Subspecies Stingray Leather

Exclusive leather panels made from natural eel hides.
In individual orders tailoring products from paintings of exotic skins of fish, eels, snakes, etc.
Genuine Hides Panel Sea Eel Leather

Any kind of skin. Any kind of leather dressing. Any skin color. Any texture of the skin.
Custom-made tailoring of any leather products from calf, buffalo, bison, lamb, deer, camel, horse, crocodile ...
In the presence of more than 5000 species and colors of classic and exotic skins -
Genuine Hides of Calf, Buffalo, Bison, Lamb, Deer, Camel, Laika, Nubuck, Suede, Cow, Horse, Pig, Elk, Boar, Bull etc

Genuine leather of iguana, monitor lizard and other lizards of any color and type of dressing.
In individual orders, the production of any leather products of lizards.
Genuine Leather Lizards - Exotic Hides

Natural skins of small and cattle with perforation and stamping.
Classical types of skin of calf, cow, buffalo, goat, nappa, chevro and any other types of any color.
Genuine Leather Embossed Reptile with Perforated Hide

Any kind of snake hides handmade. The skin of a cobra, anaconda, karung, viper, python and other species.
Genuine Hides Snakes - Exotic Snake Skins - Cobra, Anaconda, Karung, Sea Snake, Python, Boa, Viper etc.
See also the catalog of exclusive products from snake skin -

Exotic skins of paws of birds. Genuine leather of turkey, eagle, peacock, chicken, pelican and other types of birds.
Beautiful and fashionable leather with a unique texture of the skin of the legs of birds handmade handmade from Art Studio MJ.
Individual tailoring of exclusive products from the skin of birds -

Natural skins of frogs and toads of all kinds and colors. Exotic leather frogs handmade.
Individual orders production of unique frog leather products -


Natural tanned and dyed fish skins of premium quality. catfish, common carp, pike, perch, black cod, salmon, carp, trout, barracuda, sturgeon, shark, piranha, puffer, piranha, nile tilapia, giant gourami, sea wolf, moray eel and any other freshwater and marine fish. In individual orders, the production of exclusive products from the skin of fish of all kinds and colors -

Natural skin of an ostrich. All types and colors of skin of the Australian emu and African ostrich.
Dressing and painting ostrich skin. The most diverse types of dressing and any shades of all kinds of colors.
Custom production of exclusive ostrich leather products -

Genuine leather embossed with various reptile patterns and alternative ornaments.
In the presence of any kind of genuine leather of cattle and small cattle with various embossments and prints.

Genuine leather lizards of all kinds and colors. Skins of iguana, monitor lizard and other species.

Natural skins of iguana, monitor lizard and other hand-made lizards
Any kind of skin lizards of any size and color -

The skin of the tail of a beaver. Unique skins with beautiful natural textured beaver tail skin.
Custom production of exclusive accessories and a VIP gift from beaver leather (tail) of any color.

Natural skins of alligators and crocodiles. Very strong, while soft and elite skin from the abdomen of a crocodile.
In individual orders, crocodile skin with a cut both on the belly and on the back. All exotic certified by CITES.

Interior skins of a crocodile. As well as crocodile leather with a head and paws for sewing exotic products.
In individual orders, the skin of crocodiles with spikes and natural bone growths inherent only to this exotic.
Itís impossible to fake such a skin. Since such skin with stone osteoderms can only be on a natural skin.
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Natural unpainted skin caiman handmade.
Custom production of any cayman leather products -


Textured and smooth skin types of various types of dressing for all occasions. Haberdashery leather, clothing leather, shoe leather, belt leather, interior leather, decorative leather, automotive leather and any other types. In each type of leather and in every color, there are a variety of subspecies of dressing, tanning, grinding, polishing, prints, perforation, embossing and other types of skin personalization to choose from. The assortment of genuine leather presented at MJ Art Studio will satisfy the most demanding client. The world's largest leather collection is available. More than 5000 types and colors of classic and exotic leather.


All types of stingrays skin - electric stingrays, stingrays, guitar stingrays, loose stingrays, rhombot stingrays, saw-stingrays, platyrin stingrays, disk stingrays, six-stingrays, bracken stingrays, non-stingrays, mantle stingrays giant sea devil, butterfly stingrays, peru atlantic stingray, mexican stingray, japanese stingray, chinese stingray, korean stingray, american stingray, pacific disc stingray, stellate pacific stingray, indo-pacific elektroskat, siamese stingray, black sea stingray, marble stingray, ring tailed stingray, pearl stingrays, sea stingrays, river stingrays and other types of stingrays, fish and other exotic. Sewing products and painting skate skins in any color on request. See also the catalog of exclusive stingray leather products -

Luxurious interior skins of a lion, tiger, bear, wolf, fox, lynx, antelope, llama and any other animals.
Tailoring of any products from fur of any kinds and colors. Exotic skins certified by CITES & US WildLife.
See also unique products from natural fur premium -

Unique skin types of sturgeon, beluga, sterlet and other species of fish and reptiles.
In individual orders tailoring any products from sturgeon hides.

Shark skins of premium quality. Any kind of dressing and coloring of natural shark skin.
The skins of Katran, Moko, Blue Shark, Fox Shark, Hammerhead Shark, Whitefin Shark, Whale Shark, etc.
In individual orders, the production of any products from shark leather handmade -

Unique and unusual types of leather with a unique natural texture. The skin of the stomachs.
Genuine tanned and dyed skin from the stomachs of a bison, calf, deer, crocodile, ostrich, buffalo ...
In individual orders, the production of the most unusual products from the most extravagant types of leather.
Genuine Hide of Tripe of Bison, Buffalo, Cow, Deer, Crocodile, Ostrich, Calf, Bull etc. -

Natural skins of sea eel of any color and type of dressing.
Sewing of exclusive leather goods made of handmade eel leather -

Genuine leather of lizard, iguana and other exotic handmade skins.
Special skin dressing without discoloration and coloring. This dressing allows you to save the natural pattern of the animal.

Genuine leather of a giraffe, elephant, hippo, rhino, kangaroo, shark and any other exotic.
Any kind of dressing and coloring, from ancient natural tanning to the latest leather processing technologies.
Custom-made leather products of hippo -, elephant -  and other animal species.

Skins of ostrich paws. Genuine leather of ostrich paws of any color and type of dressing.
Private sewing of exclusive products from the skin of the legs of an ostrich and other birds -

Scarecrows and skins of cobra, crocodile, shark, turtle, monitor lizard and any other exotic.
Custom production of VIP products from cobra leather -

Sea snake of natural natural color.
Sewing exclusive products from the skin of snakes from Art Studio MJ.
Custom order sewing VIP products from the skin of a sea snake -

Skins of cobra, python, viper, anaconda, boa constrictor, rattlesnake, sea and other snakes. Genuine handmade snake skin.
Custom order painting and dressing of the skin of a snake and other exotic. Customization of the skin and tailoring of any products from the Art Studio MJ.
Unique products in natural finishes of classic and exotic leather -


All kinds of leather of crocodiles, alligators, caimans, gavials and other types of reptiles: Australian crocodile Porosus, Siamese crocodile, Nile crocodile, Javanese crested crocodile, Ganges gavial, Indian gavial, blunt crocodile black crocodile, African black crocodile, Miss African crocodile, black crocodile cayman, Colombian cayman, spectacled crocodile caiman, and many others. In individual orders dressing and painting of crocodile skin. By tailoring any crocodile leather products from the best leather factories in the world. Genuine leather made in Italy, France, Spain, Australia, USA, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Korea, Greece, Pakistan, Singapore, Indonesia, Russia, Chile, Nigeria, South Africa, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Monaco, Ukraine, Canada, Mexico, Brazil , Argentina and many other countries from Africa, Asia, Europe and America. A unique collection of exotic leather has been collected by MJ Art Studio for over 20 years and brought from all over the world. Exotic skins certified by US WildLife & CITES.


For the production of exclusive products in the presence of more than 5,000 species and colors of classic and exotic skins of hippo, elephant, shark, crocodile, alligator, caiman, gavial, lizard, iguana, ostrich, kangaroo, python, karung, sea snakes, anacondas, boa constrictors, vipers, lizards, king cobra, fish, whale, sturgeon, trout, salmon, pike, common carp, ocean eel, moray eels, frogs, toads,  pangolin, teigus lizards, wild pigs, picars, chicken, sheep, buffalo calf, deer, hippo, rhinoceros, capybara, caiman fuscus, jakar, latirostris, babillas, niloticus crocodile, siamese crocodile, porosus crocodile, coral asp, taipan, black mamba, krayt, aquatic shrimp groumusque, texu kite, deadly snakes acanthropis, tiger snake, horse, mink, pony, fox, wolf, llama, fox, leopard, cheetah, bear, panther, ocelot, lion, silver fox, beaver, skunk, astrakhan, rabbit, zebra, sea ​​lion, seal, wild boar, wolverine, orilag, sable and other unique exotic species from MJ Art Studio. Exotic skins certified by US WildLife & CITES.


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